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Building the Greenhouse Temperature Controller

Temperature in a greenhouse¬† can differ from outside temperature up to 40F. In the winter time this can be a good thing. In the summer time this means creating a cooler environment to lower or match the outside temperature without … Continue reading

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Shade Garden

The house has this little corner in the front that gets mostly shade. We have transformed it into a dog shelter/ shade plant haven: There are plants in front of the shelter so the dog doesn’t feel like he is … Continue reading

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Fishtank: Preliminary Results

On the bright side, the system does work. . . (on the lettuce) which grew twice as well as the lettuce that was moved outside into the greenhouse, and the duckweed has continued to grow. It has been transplanted into … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Plants and New Bed

It’s been a busy April so far and there’s progress to be had! The Greenhouse is on it’s way to being finished:¬† Greenhouse panels were placed on the end sides, a sliding door has been mounted and the beginnings of … Continue reading

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