Greenhouse Plants and New Bed

It’s been a busy April so far and there’s progress to be had! The Greenhouse is on it’s way to being finished:  Greenhouse panels were placed on the end sides, a sliding door has been mounted and the beginnings of the swamp cooler have been erected and wait merely for some final loving adjustments. You can’t see it in this first picture because it wasn’t done till the following day, but a fan is mounted on the upper right hand side of the door to exhaust hot air and allow the air to pass the swamp cooler when it enters the greenhouse.

And yes, that would be Gorilla Tape sealing everything up.

The rack in the back is the home of seedlings that are being hardened off. Which for many of the trays meant being really good for the first 3 or 4 days and then just leaving them out because it has been getting warmer and there’s a touch of lazy-Gardner going around….. Most are doing well and loving real sunlight.

Here is the first raised bed in the greenhouse. It measures 3′ x 8′ and has notches in the 4×4 posts that make fore easy removal or addition of side boards.

Since there is a known gopher in the front yard, this sturdy green netting was laid down underneath the weedcloth to prevent the little diggers.

We mixed the dirt the night before this shot was taken. It is a mixture of peat moss, perlite, wood bark, some compost and coco. It was thoroughly wetted through and given a brewed mixture of Benefox, seabird guano, etc. etc. etc.

The spacing of this bed is based on the SFG method. There are 8 tomatoes, 1 per square, 8 basil, 1 per square, 6 pepper, one per square (one may be replaced with green onion since it was severely damaged during transplanting, we’ll see if the torn main stem buried in the dirt will be able to reestablish itself…) and last but not least, 2 sage, one per square.

I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of the finished bed, but rest assured it will be in the works tomorrow!

Do you see that straw colored netting that is on the end-cap of the greenhouse? That is going to be the cooling pad which will be a tremendous help as temperatures increase throughout the summer. Shade cloth should also help keep temperatures bearable.

The material is placed instead of a greenhouse panel to allow air to come in. As the air enters, it comes in contact with the moist mat (there are sprinkler nozzles that need to be attached to hosing and a barrel of water) which effectively cools the outside air 5-10 degrees. At the same time, the fan at the front of the greenhouse exhausts hot air and making room for the newly cooled air.

Stay tuned for more on the construction of the greenhouse (in the process of gathering the materials list and pictures from several devices) And if you want to find out what happened to the fishtank…. There’s good news and bad news. Pictures need to be taken to show you what I mean.

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