Early May Garden Update

We have some comparison and status pictures that highlight the plants on April 27 and then again on May 5, which is about a week apart. Overall: Looking good.

On April 26 we got our first photographed harvest:

April 26

A whole bunch of different lettuce, viola flowers, sweet basil, purple ruffles basil, green onions, chives and chive blossoms. Mmmm. We should have waited a few days for the first tomato of the year.

Tumbling Toms:

May 05
Look! There’s one ripe tomato! And lots more setting!
These are determinate so I really should be getting some more planted soon.

Now, the Green House tomatoes:

April 27- May 05
The Tomatoes have filled out, I’m already learning from the planting design. If you cannot walk around the bed, do not plant smaller plants on the unworkable side (those poor basil plants are getting shaded and neglected, they may have to be dug up and transplanted)

Look at the leaf of the tomato in front on May 05, it is as long as the plant is tall!

The tomatoes have exploded, you can see they are almost at the top of the trellis. We are using string to wrap around the vines and grow the plant upwards, don’t wait to get the trellis set up, the sooner you start training the easier it is; I keep going in and pruning suckers that have exploded a foot or so overnight. Once you string the branches you want, you know you can cut off any other branches that appear.

The Green House peppers are setting fruit:

May 05

Outside White Wonder Cucumber, Radish, Eggplant and Nasturtium Bed:

April 27-May 05

Wow. The cucumber has really been waiting to stretch in some good soil. The radishes planted among the cucumber and the nasturtiums in front are popping up but it looks like something is eating them; it may be water droplets fizzling due to the sun. Time to trellis!

The Watermelon bed:

May 05
When using a soilless mix and growing watermelons, make sure to add lots of nutrients when transplanting. We waited about a week or two but as soon as we did the leaves started to grow faster and push out new growth.

Here is a poor comparison shot of the Watermelon:

April 27-May 5

The April 27 picture doesn’t capture the bed as much as it should for a comparison shot, suffice to say, they are showing real improvements. As are the nasturtiums along the edges of the bed. Soon we will have to build a trellis. Exciting.

I would also like to introduce you to our new Peach tree, which has grown furiously since being transplanted and watered and given fresh sunlight.

May 05

Basic Dirt(less) Feeding Formula Used:

The beds received a nutrient tea made of seabird guano, worm compost tea (pulled directly from our worm farm, details coming soon), some molasses, and seaweed extract brewed with Benefox as the microbial base. Throw everything in a 25 gallon plastic tote with a couple of air-stones and an aquarium pump, and a day or two later your nutrient brew is ready to throw on the plants about twice a week.

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