Early June Garden Update and Harvest

Memorial Day is over and Summer is “officially” here!
Lets take stock of what has been harvested and then see how everything has fared compared to the last update.

The Harvest for the week:

White Wonder Cucumber, Bush Beans, Radish, Mixed Heirloom Salad, Chocolate peppers, Tumbling Tom Tomatoes

Drying Herbs:

Lavender, Basil, Lavender, German Thyme, Lemon Thyme, English Thyme (two bundles), Summer Savory

On to the Garden Comparison!

Inside the Greenhouse everything is going well, for the most part.

May 22                                            June 4

Here are some close-ups of the Tomato Bed:

Cherry Tomato                                                   Yellow Perfection

Chocolate Pepper                                               Cayenne Pepper (or Serrano)

Please not a tomato disease!!!!!!
One of the tomato plants (looks to be a cherry tomato variety) has some yellow leaves that died off quickly and a brown stem. You can see the difference of  healthy stem on the right and the unhealthy stem on the left. This is the first major issue with plant health this year. I had problems with this variety last year (I think? I didn’t label this first batch of toms that well. Lesson learned) and will probably end up pulling it out of the ground after figuring out what is wrong with it.

Outside Tomatoes:

May 22                                                  June 4

The trellis is up and the tomatoes have been strung. The green onion planted between the plants are being overshadowed but I plan on taking off more lower leaves as the plants grow, in order to allow better air circulation and so water doesn’t spray up on the leaves and cause a fungal infection.

So far the Blondkopfchen tomatoes look the most amazing to me:

Check out all those little flowers!!!!!

The Greenhouse Watermelons are branching out:

May 22                                                 June 4

We plan on doing one more bed of Watermelon and I’m going to direct seed them. I’m interested to see how they grow in comparison to these which were ‘stunted’ by being in a small pot for so long before being transplanted and allowed to grow freely.

Outside Watermelon:
May 22                                              June 4

Finally got a more permanent trellis system up, the next step I want to do is to sort out and string up the vines so they are not spilling into the walkway.

The First Baby Watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it when pollination occurs.

Cucumber and Eggplant:

May 22                                                                 June 4

The Eggplant is filling out, the new, top leaves look fine but the lower leaves have been attacked by…. something. There are some flowers on the eggplant and hopefully they get pollinated, I may need to help out. Some of the cucumber foliage has died off, either due to age or due to the soil drying out.

May 22                                                              June 4

The Beans have gone crazy. At least the ones planted in the bed, the transplanted beans in the top middle square have produced maybe 5 beans or so. I’ll let them go for another week before taking them out and starting a new succession planting of the bush beans. In the second square down on the left there are some more beans starting. The radish in the lower left corner are doing great, already harvested a few, once they are all plucked up more beans will go in there too. Summer savory was transplanted into the bottom middle square and is doing nicely. Corn was planted from seed in the lower right corner to get the correct amount of corn for sufficient pollination.

That’s it for now, folks, but coming up soon is our first Worm Compost Harvest. Because the worms have gone crazy.

And if you know what’s going on with the diseased tomato, let us know!!!!

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6 Responses to Early June Garden Update and Harvest

  1. Andrea says:

    All looking great! Chocolate peppers are they hot?

  2. Jenny says:

    WOW! That’s very impressive harvest and I love how your Blondkopfchen bush looks like. I hope it also taste as good.

    • I hope so too! It’s my first year growing them, they are highly regarded at tomatofest.com. The only problem I have with the Tumbling Tom Hybrid that was just harvested is that the skin is too hard and leathery for my likes. I hope the heirlooms turn out better.

  3. LisaB says:

    Things look like they are growing very well. Great job!

  4. Jody says:

    You have a beautiful garden! I like the then-and-now pictures. We sure do wish we had a greenhouse, there’s just not much room left in the yard for something like that.

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