Late June Garden Update and Harvest

Since the last Garden update we have harvested the last of the carrots (first carrots ever grown, planted in a container and growing for at least 4+ months), some of the radish and some of the tomatoes. Triple to quadruple  the tomatoes and peppers and that’s what we’ve got from our garden started from (mostly) scratch in February.

Lets take a look at the growth of the garden since the last update.

First is a peek at the most prolific garden producer, the tomato beds.

4 June                                        12 June

17 June

It might not look like a lot of growth, but half of one of the Super Sweet 100 plants was chopped because it is likely diseased. Furthermore, when picking the little buggers half of them are cracked, these may do better picked before they are ripe to prevent cracking.

Yellow Perfection                                               Super Sweet 100

I’m actually surprised at the Serrano Pepper which is tall and stringy but is producing a lot. It is also the tallest of the pepper plants, followed by the Cayenne and Chocolate Peppers. One thing to note however is that the Serrano and Cayenne peppers were started from a cup with three plants that became too entangled to divide and so were planted as such.

Serrano Plant                                      Serrano Peppers

Cayenne Pepper — look closely to see the green ones!

Outside the tomatoes are loving the sun.

4 June                                         12 June

17 June

Maintenance of the outside tomato bed includes winding it on its trellis, picking off suckers and once a week taking off the lowest branch or two of each plant to allow maximum use of photosynthesis while the plant grows and also creating airflow as it becomes needed for the fast growing plants.

The Watermelon are exploding. In the Greenhouse, they are creating a thick, dense carpet of growth.

04 June                                 12 June

17 June
We need to build a trellis soon. This one will have shorter intervals than the outside trellis.

Outside the Watermelon are growing onward and upward with some gentle nudging and guidance from us. Pictures on the right represent the first watermelon and its journey to our table.

04 June

12 June
Look at how that baby watermelon grew!

17 June
Still growing, at right is a picture of the tendril attached to the Watermelon which according to some will shrivel when the melon is ripe. Is it shriveled yet?

04 June 12 June
Not sure exactly what happened but the cucumber plants are dying back quickly. The culprit is either disease or lack of water. The Eggplant are still growing and starting to show fruit. The Nasturtiums are staying small.

17 June
Crap! Something ate the two Eggplant on the left! Looks like the friendly gopher the dog has become chummy with (not in a way we like, the dog ignores it). This is what happens when you don’t have all precautions in place, this is the only bed (thankfully) that was planted without gopher netting or wire in place.

On the bright side, the remaining eggplant has a fruit forming to make up for the one on the decimated plant. Time to get excited about what to plant in the bed since the cucumbers are all gone….. thinking of peppers and Malabar red spinach to climb around on the trellis.

The bean and corn bed is going great, the old plants from the top middle square were taken out because they didn’t look that great and 9 more were planted in its space.

04 June                                                                    12 June

17 June
The Corn exploded upwards, if you can see the purple stalk that is reaching for the sky.

All of the Marigolds planted in pots around the beds are blooming and very happy (except for the smaller ones that were recently propagated, although they are happy to have more root space).

The next big projects in the Garden include potting up the marigold, and several cultivars of basil (Sweet, Genovese, Thai and Mrs. Burns Lemon) as well as making stands to house them in. I don’t like putting the pots directly on the ground because of all the bugs and weeds. For the marigold its fine, we don’t eat it, but for those we do eat, I prefer to raise them or put them on concrete.

Thanks for tuning in this week! If you need more garden porn, check out Daphnes Dandelions!

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6 Responses to Late June Garden Update and Harvest

  1. Louise says:

    Wow, love your climbing contraptions! The climbing frame for your tomatoes and watermelon, fantastic. I have a terrible habit of not providing enough support to my plants. I will take a leaf out of your book.

  2. You have some serious engineering going on your garden. I am envious. I am interested to see how your trellised melons do. I am also trying that for the first time.

  3. maryhysong says:

    your garden is doing so well! I browsed some other posts and that is great idea taking cuttings of flowers and such. I’m thinking of expanding my tomato plantation that way …. just need more hours in a day!

    • Just make sure you label like your life depends on it! When you prune your tomatoes, stick the suckers in a container of water. Change the water every day until you are able to put them in your potting mix, and, if you get real busy and get real lucky, they may have roots forming by the time you get around to it. Time is rarely on our side, is it?

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