End of June Update and Harvest

Here’s a sample of what we brought in this week, which does not include the Cilantro, Genovese Basil, Sweet Basil or Thai Basil that was used to make about a half a cup of walnut pesto… yum.

Shown here is Cayenne Pepper, Yellow Perfection, Chocolate Pepper and half a Watermelon.

As a side note about the watermelon, it was picked because it was hoped to be finished. It wasn’t. Just because it sounds hollow doesn’t mean that it is done. Do you think it will ripen up if we let it sit for a few days or does that only work if its not cut open?

And how does the garden grow?

The Super Sweet 100 plants from the Greenhouse were taken out on June 19. The stalks were turning brown and the leaves have some black spotting on and around the edges almost all of the tomatoes were cracked as well. The bed was also pretty crowded. Do you think we took off too many leaves?

After spreading out the remaining Tomatoes and fertilizing them after any possible shock from pruning and realigning branches, it looks like this:

June 25

Outside the tomatoes are enjoying their space:

The Blondkopfchen are still my favorite. All those little flowers! You can hardly see underneath to the developing fruits!

The Watermelon in the Greenhouse are starting to crawl around, hopefully we can develop a good support for them this week.

June 25

Outside Watermelon are continuing to grow up and cover the trellis.

Do you see the empty hole on the left? That’s were the poor unripe Watermelon was picked from.

The Eggplant bed has been overhauled. The dirt was dug out and set aside, we chose to dig deeper and use more dirt to essentially have a deeper bed. Chicken wire is used to keep the gopher out.

The only things left to save! The Eggplant and Nasturtium. The Nasturtium were planted somewhere else as an experiment and to try not to waste them (they don’t like to be transplanted).

So now the bed looks like this:

We have Eggplant in the back middle (the fruit is floppy and soggy but the leaves are beginning to regain rigidity, the fruit should really be cut off to allow the plant to properly recover).
The two greens on the right and left are Malabar Red Spinach. These are going to use the trellis to climb up and the leaves can be used like lettuce or spinach.
Radish is planted in the bottom middle.
Seeds have been started to fill up the remaining space: Chocolate Peppers!

Now that the bed has been fixed we can take a deep breath and move on.

NO!!!!! You may not be able to see it, but yes, that is a gopher hole in the beans. At least 2 plants have been munched on. I don’t have the heart to pull the bed without giving it a fighting chance against the gopher, so the fingers are gonna stay crossed. Tightly. And eyes shut.

Despite the gopher the bed is great:

Every week is getting better, one plant is dying out (the determinate Tumbling Toms have stopped producing) and others are taking its place (the Yellow Perfection is ripe!). Last minute seeds are getting started this week and we have a bunch more pots to be filled up. And if you liked the week by week comparison, check back next week.

Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see more gardens!

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5 Responses to End of June Update and Harvest

  1. Jill Wiest says:

    Those gophers are buggers. Once they find something good to eat they keep coming back. We had one eat ALL of our broccoli one year. Very upsetting until we got “rid” of him.

  2. Your plants are so huge and beautiful! The tomatoes and peppers look delicious.

    That’s so sad about the watermelon.

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You sure do have some great trellises! I hope your beans win the battle against the mole. These pests and bugs sure keep us gardeners on our toes!!! Nancy

  4. maryhysong says:

    you have a lot of things going on in your garden! Ripe watermelon: look for yellow spot where it touches the ground, watch the tendril on the vine closest to the melon and the stem of the melon when they are brown then it’s ripe.

  5. Julie says:

    I have the same problem knowing when to pick a watermelon. I have one now that’s not very big, but it’s a Sugar Baby and when I thump it it sounds hollow, but last year I picked them too early so I’m trying to wait a little bit longer. I did discover the best way to know when a melon is ripe last year is when the raccoons come and neatly break into the melon and scoop it clean!

    I just learned about Malabar spinach this year and want to try it. How does it taste in salads?

    Oh and good luck with the gophers. The squirrels obviously did not get the memo that the Little Spooky Eggplant was suppose to scare them away, so probably not the best strategy for gophers either!

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