Weekly Garden Update

Got some new critters in the garden this week, but first lets look at the colorful harvest for the week:

Top Left Plate: Julia Childs’, Serrano and Cayenne Peppers
Top Right Plate: Garden Peach, Box Car Willie and Yellow Oleron
Bottom Right: Paul Robeson
Bottom Left: Hillbilly and Blondkopfchen
Center: Mystery Tomato (Not Hillbilly) Yellow Perfection, Chocolate Pepper

Now would you like to meed the new addition to the garden?

Aphids!!!!!!! Easily noticed due to an increase of ant activity on and around the plants. Nasty Buggers. Affected plants include: All pepper plants, Peppermint, Outside Watermelons and some Chamomile in the front yard. Plants have been sprayed down and will likely need another couple of applications to be fully protected.

Stay tuned to see how we deal with the Aphids and on figuring out what the Mystery Tomato is. In the meantime, head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see harvests and gardens from around the world!

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3 Responses to Weekly Garden Update

  1. maryhysong says:

    What a beautiful harvest of tomatoes! Darn the aphids; I had less trouble with them this spring than other years. I think because more ladybugs overwintered with the mild weather and I had lots of cilantro blooming for them to live and breed on

  2. Definitely colorful! Gorgeous tomatoes!

  3. I am absolutely jealous of all your tomatoes!! Looking so delicious!

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