End of July Garden Progress

Just about all the tomato plants have given fruit, the gopher has not been seen a a few days wreaking havoc, and basil is abundant! The last of the summer plantings are in the seedling stage (Chocolate Peppers and Genovese Basil). Seems its about time to start planning the fall seedlings.

As for the harvest, it continues to come in, being picked either every other day, or as needed for immediate consumption.


As for the garden that produces this bounty, here is the month in retrospect.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

July 1                                                 July 8

July 15                                         July 25

Outside Tomatoes:

July 1                                            July 8

July 15                                             July 25

Greenhouse Watermelon

July 1                                                 July 8

July 15                                         July 25

Outside Watermelon

July 1                                                  July 8

July 15                                               July 25

Eggplant and Malabar Red Spinach

July 1                                                            July 8

July 15                                                         July 25

Corn and Beans:

July 1                                                                   July 8

July 15                                           July 25

Another new development has been the acquirement of a new blender. The old one has been relegated to making food for the worms. As this picture shows, they either love the new food or they are trying to get out… If they do indeed like this food, you can look forward to a step-by-step on how to blend food remnants. Yum.

Are they fleeing or mating?

Check out Daphne’s Dandelions for more garden harvests.

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4 Responses to End of July Garden Progress

  1. zentMRS says:

    It’s a good week when you can get rid of your gopher!

  2. Everything looks good. I have had my worms do that from time to time. I consider them to be happy when there are so many of them that they climb the walls of the bin.

  3. I just started blending some of my worm’s food and am amazed at how much faster they process it! My only concern is that it may make the bin too wet for their liking.

  4. maryhysong says:

    my worms do that sometimes, especially after a rain. (my bin is outside) Everything is sure looking good at your place!

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