August Recap

August has been a crazy month. Instead of posting weekly updates, we took pictures but never got around to posting anything. September is going to be different. Promise. To rehash what went down this month in the garden we have here the harvest shots and progression photos of the beds.

August Harvests:

2 August                                                               7 August

14 August

20 August                                                     31 August

Greenhouse Tomatoes

13 August                                          20 August

31 Aug

Outside Tomatoes:

13 August                                       20 August

31 August                                                     Side View

Greenhouse Watermelon:

4 August: Escaping Watermelon (infested with Aphids)

20 August. Too many Watermelons, not enough space.

Outside Watermelon:

13 August                                          20 August

31 August

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

13 August                                                             20 August

31 August

Bean Bed:

13 August                                                        20 August

31 August

What to look forward to in September:

  • New Compost Pile
  • Cool Season Crops Planned and Seeded
  • Getting the Fish-tank set up again
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