10 September Garden Update

Change of pace in the harvest this past bit and the garden is in a state of flux and contemplation right now.

Cut back most of the Sweet Basil, Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil and Purple Ruffles Basil, and Scallion.

This made about 2+ cups of Pesto

Decided to clear out the Watermelon bed and found that most of the melons had already separated from the vine.

Thought the front left melon was bad so started to chop it up for the worms — Took a bite and it tasted great, about half was salvaged for human consumption. Each melon weighed in about 8.3lb each.

We have been eating the few ripened tomatoes in groups of 3 or four, not enough to photograph. Tomato salads have been a favorite lately: cut up some Tomato, Basil, Green Onion, drizzle on some olive oil and balsamic. Add cheese if you want. Addictive with fresh Tomatoes.

The Plants themselves:


9 September
We got a Beans Popping!!!
Still very cautions of admitting any more plants into possible gopher territory, I’d love to have some beans before this bed is re-done.

Malabar Red Spinach:

9 Sept
Trellising upwards, some of the lower flowers are getting ripe, turning a dark color, making seed. Planted Four new MRS plants in the back, trimmed the white flowers off before transplanting.

Outside Tomatoes:

9 Sept
Have not had a huge amount of ripe tomatoes, the ones that are ripening up now seem to be the last for a while before the top growth is able to produce some flowers and new fruits.

Old Watermelon Bed:

9 September
Looking to revamp the bed to make it deeper (or rather taller) and grow Tomatoes in here.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

9 Sept
Spider mites got on the Oleron Yellow and Yellow Perfection. We took the easy but painful route of tearing them out. There are two nice big mystery tomatoes on one of the surviving plants in the back, once they ripen we will probably take them out too.

Greenhouse Pepper and Greens

9 Sept
Freshly transplanted from hardening off in the rack in the background. Genovese Basil, Chocolate Pepper and Malabar Red Spinach (MRS) in the back row. The netting in the back needs to be properly set up for the Malabar Red Spinach. It seems that preliminary plantings of  MRS grown so far have big, broad lower leaves, lots of flowers, and vine, halt growth and then produce fruit and die off. What happens if the flowers are cut off once they form? The Greenhouse will be perfect for the MRS because it likes hot weather and grows rapidly, making the best use of the weather as it heats up this September.

Here are some of the Late Summer/ Fall sprout-lings:

Yellow Perfection, Hillbilly, Blondkopfchen, Julia Child’s’, Malabar Red Spinach, Summer Savory, Purple Ruffles Basil, Fern-leaf Dill and Cilantro.

I always love starting new seeds, such a feeling of accomplishment and pride as they progress onwards in their growth.

For other gardens around the world, check out Daphnes Dandelions.

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3 Responses to 10 September Garden Update

  1. zentMRS says:

    New seeds are always fun. I’ve got our fall garden growing, as well as experimental jalapenos. It is fun to have the little seedlings – before the realities of pests set in! 😉

  2. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous melons! And i could only wish for a greenhouse like yours to grow through the winter.

  3. maryhysong says:

    wonderful melons! Maybe next year for me! Your tomato plants are so big!

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