24 September Garden Update

Not much has been harvested lately from the garden due to ill timed succession planting (about a month too late) but it is still productive. We have been eating straight from the garden, no bulk harvesting needed.

This guy ate one of 2 caterpillars on the outside Tomatoes. I’m so proud of him!

Here is a look at our active beds at the moment:

Bean Bed:

These will be harvested this week. There may not be many but they are sure to taste delicious.

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

This is still a new plant for us, we really need to learn how to cook with it. For now, it is mostly a decorative vining plant we are experimenting with, next year it would look great on the front yard chain link fence.


Most of the tomatoes here have spider mites. They are disgusting, soft bodied red mites that spin webs and devour your plants slowly. Current solution is to spray them with water. Really hoping that these tomatoes will be cured from their infection soon and have a second fruiting as bountiful as the first.

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Peppers and Basil:

It looks more like a vegetative Jungle than the flowering utopia we hoped it would be. All of the Basil nearest the Greenhouse wall is flowering, the remaining tomatoes in back are growing on albeit without much fruiting action and the star of this bed would be the peppers that are falling over an need to be strung up for support.

Basil and Pepper Bed:

The Basil is exploding and happy, while the Peppers are slowly acclimating themselves and being attacked by various pests. The two Malabar Red Spinach are likewise slowly getting used to their surroundings before bushing up and exploding with growth.

Leaf Trails and Ants harvesting Aphids.

Looking forward we have the new seedlings:

Lettuce, herbs, Tomatoes, Basil etc. Can’t wait to get them potted up from the trays, then its time to plant some more! The goal is to always always always have something sprouting, ensures you have something to put in the ground, otherwise use pots and harvest what you can.

Next time we will enlighten you on our worm farming practices and how we killed off about half the worm population (Crap!).

To see other gardens and gardeners around the world, head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions!

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One Response to 24 September Garden Update

  1. Shawn Ann says:

    Very awesome that you have a good worker in your garden taking care of those worms!

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