31 September Recap

It is the last days of September and by the signs of the harvest it is fall. Very few tomatoes are being picked (need to work on a succession schedule next year). We are getting some tomatoes ready for a late fall/ early winter crop, and working on cycling out the beds for a fall crop.

Trimmed back a LOT of the basil and straggling peppers as well.

Made pesto with this mass of green and purple goodness (Genovese, Sweet, Purple Ruffles, Lemon and Thai Basil) and added some Thyme, Rosemary and Malabar Red Spinach to make up the green part of pesto, some was eaten, given away, and some frozen in ice-cube trays for later use. Yum.
The peppers will be dried for future use.

Wanna check out the garden as it advanced its way through September?

Bean Bed:

9 Sep


24 Sep                                                                    30 Sep

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

9 Sep

24 Sep                                                                30 Sep


9 Sep

24 Sep                                           30 Sep
Got around to pulling out another plant that was too far gone. The remaining plants were tied up from breaking due to gravity and lack of support from the top setting.

Greenhouse Pepper Bed:

9 Sep

24 Sep                                                30 Sep
Pulled out most of the Basil and dead tomato plants. Still considering taking out the back tomato plants, they really haven’t produced much this whole season. Tomatoes seemed to do better by the door than in the back of the Greenhouse this season.

Greenhouse Basil, Pepper and Malabar Red Spinach:

9 Sep

24 Sep                                      30 Sep
Got 3 more Malabar Red Spinach planted in the last row, they will be watched closely to compare to the growth of the previous 2 plants in the bed.

Greenhouse Rack:

Here are Tomatoes up top, Pepper, Purple Ruffles Basil Clones and Spider plants in the middle and Spider plants, Pennyroyal and some surprises on the bottom.

Herbs N Stuff

Outside of the Greenhouse is a potted herb bed and hardening off area. This is a watermelon that needs new soil to produce some bodacious, killer fruit.

Regarding the Worms: We never took any pictures of it, but there was a massive worm massacre. We believe that since switching to Peat moss as our bedding agent on top of kitchen waste, the pile has turned too acidic. The layers smell nasty, the remaining few worms were limping along forlornly so we flushed the system with just water, released the juices of bad “worm tea,” and have been loving on the trays all month.

We have since added Coco Coir bedding to all the trays and will be permamently switching to coco/hay for bedding, introduced some Benefox to recreate an environment conducive to worm farming, and are disturbing the buggers once a day or less (gotta disrupt any seedling growth because, apparently, seeds will sprout if they are in a slow to digest worm bin, or any bin for that matter, but here especially). At this point the population is looking more perky and active and the brave survivors will live to tell the tale to young worms as they migrate upwards.


What to look forward to in October:

  • Lots of worm castings and a revived worm bin
  • Pot-up Cool season plants and start figuring out where the heck they are going to go
  • Plant more Cool-Season plants
  • A new raised bed?
  • Spider Plant Mania
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One Response to 31 September Recap

  1. zentMRS says:

    You’ve got such a lovely garden! Looking forward to seeing what fall brings!

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