8 October Garden Update

This past week has been all about tidying up the current beds and getting them ready for their next inhabitants.

Since pepper plants can apparently be perrenials, we trimmed back the Cayenne and Serranno Peppers in the Greenhouse and are going to let it recover before digging it up and putting it in a pot, and freeing up space in the bed.

You can eat the peppers even when they are green! The Blondkopfchen are still the best producer of the tomatoes.

Here is a tour of the active beds:

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

We have been using the Malabar Red Spinach on Sandwiches and Salads and find it very tasty and filling. Also cut back both the Red Amaranth Spinach in the front and the Marigold that had cracked over and noticed that there is still an ANT PROBLEM left over from the Ants that attacked the eggplant previously in this bed. These same ants seem to be in the old bean bed.

Do you see the difference from the raised bed soil in the upper Left corner versus the soil the Ants are bringing up as they build tunnels for their nest in the lower Right corner?

Tomato Bed:

We have been working on cutting back dead leaves from the inside and bottoms of the plants, hoping to get a harvest from this top growth!

Greenhouse Left:

We will be clearing out the rest of the bed while allowing the Cayenne and Serrano peppers to re-establish themselves before putting them in pots. Rediscovered two under utilized sage plants too!

Greenhouse Right:

The Basil is popping up like crazy, got some more Green Onions interplanted and waiting for the Malabar Red Spinach to take off, the cooler temperatures this week probably wont help BUT the fact that they are in the greenhouse that does not have a working fan or evaporative cooling system at the moment. We are also hoping that the combination of Basil and Green Onions will help ward off the Aphids and Ants that are on the Chocolate Peppers (leftovers from the watermelon).

For all of the crops that we are taking down we got this compost heap put up:

Put up some Pallets as walls and dug down about a foot. The other side of the fence is where the neighbor keeps livestock. The surface looks like dried, caked muck. The compost pile will make the most of the runoff.

To look at other gardens around the world, go to Daphnes Dandelions!

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One Response to 8 October Garden Update

  1. Wonderwoman says:

    Never thought about carrying peppers over to the next season. Have you done this before? Those ants are really a pain, arent’ they?

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