19 November Update

With the tomato production slowing down, it doesn’t seem like we are harvesting that much. But we are having fun planting trays of seedlings, up-potting and of course planning what to put in our semi- and soon to be empty beds.

Nevertheless we have this to show for last weeks harvest:

The first of the last of the Paul Robeson, a green onion and some of Burpee’s Heatwave Lettuce.

On to the garden. It appears that despite not posting for the last few weeks, we did take some pictures, so here is the progression for about the last month.

Basil and Green Onion Bed:

Oct 16                                                               Oct30

Nov 30
All basil was cut back, or topped to prevent flowering as well as to promote a bushy habit.

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

Oct 16                                                        Oct 30

Nov 19
As the Malabar Red Spinach gets older (and the weather gets colder) the lower leaves are turning purple. We cut back the plants on the Left hoping they will come back with vigor… perhaps in warmer conditions. The Marigold in the center is growing nicely now after being cut back hard.


Oct 16                                     Oct 30

Nov 19
As older diseased tomato plants were discarded, we decided to see what would happen if we replaced the plants with lettuce? They seem to be doing fine so far, despite the fact they are getting the same nutrients as the tomatoes (lettuce requires much less than tomatoes do).

Winter Tomatoes:

Oct 30                                        Nov 19
Since we live in Southern California, I figure we should be able to have a winter crop of tomatoes. They may grow a little slower due to lower temperatures and less light, but if all goes well, they will be the beginning of next years succession of tomato plants. The goal is steady supply.

Greenhouse Left:

Oct 16                                            Oct 30

Nov 19
The Serrano and Cayenne Peppers both were attracting too many ants and aphids for my comfort, so I dug them out. The plan had been to overwinter them, but if I wanted to do that, they would stay put. I want the space in the bed, so the poor plants had to go. There is now a row of Purple Ruffles Basil in the back of the bed between the two sage plants. The greenhouse over the winter will be a pepper testing zone, to grow out and find a favorite pepper to grow a lot of for the upcoming year.

Greenhouse Right:

Oct 16 Oct 30

Nov 19
The Malabar Red Spinach is on the right side and is being cut back as soon as it begins to trellis upwards, so far we have a continuous supply of tender leaves. Some of the Chocolate Peppers are growing well, others are being attacked by aphids ants and leaf miners. Planning on allowing all currently set fruit to ripen. These will be replaced by more of the peppers to be tested this winter. The Genovese Basil has been cut back heavily due to flowering and size. It made several batches of delicious pesto. Did you know there are people that don’t know what pesto is?

Back Porch Pots:

Nov 19Outside the greenhouse are more plants, on the pallet are some recently divided chives. We started them two years ago, divided once to make two and this year the two have been divided into 5. I think we need to trim the newly divided plants to let them grow back up stronger.
Taking up a quarter of the back porch are newly planted plants. This is a transition area for plants to get used to their new soil, and in some cases to sunlight and the rigors of outside temperatures and weather swings. It seems as though there never is enough space.

Thanks for checking out the garden this week! For more gardens and harvests, head over to Daphne’s Dandelions!

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One Response to 19 November Update

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, you certainly are ambitious! Your tomato structures are very impressive.

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