17 December Update

It’s been a month since the last update, but there are pictures to cover some of the missed time.

Harvests have been few, steady, and highly treasured (Some harvests not pictured).

12DecHarvest 16DecHarvest
12 Dec                                                             16 Dec
All the Basil from the 16th was made into pesto. What you see in the salad spinner became a dinner salad.

Now to the garden:

Basil and Green Onion Bed:

2DecemberBasilGOnion 18DecBasilGonion
2 Dec                                                                 18 Dec
It seems that Genovese Basil does not like the cold, whereas the Purple Ruffles tolerates it well. Sage was planted to cover up the soon to be removed Basil in the middle and Calendula replaced the Basil in the lower right corner.

Malabar Red Spinach Bed:

2December MRS 18DecMRS
2 Dec                                                            18 Dec
Added our new soil mix as a top dressing to the bed, the Malabar Red Spinach is not the happiest in the cold, it has spots on its leaves, but it’s still climbing. Salad greens will soon cover this bed en masse.

Summer Tomatoes:

2DecemberOutsideTomatoes 18DecOutsideTomatoes
2 Dec                                                18 Dec
Spider Mites are a dangerous foe. On warm days we see the red buggars climbing webs along the wooden support trellis. Dead leaves have been taken off and the plants re-strung to take advantage of the plants’ last energy for the season, directing it towards the fruits.

Winter Tomatoes:

2DecemberOutsideToms  18DecOutsideToms
2 Dec                                          18 Dec
Replaced all green trellis with twine. Love watching these guys grow!

Green House Left:

2DecemberGHBasilSage 18DecGHBasil
2 Dec                                                   18 Dec
Had some Amaranth Red Spinach seedlings, not counting on much and since we will be revamping this bed soon, they will get a chance to be productive  before being either eaten or composted.

Greenhouse Right:

2DecemberGHBasilPepperMRS 18DecBasilPepperMRS
2 Dec                                          18 Dec
The picture from the 18th was taken after the Basil was cut back extensively to make pesto.

Back porch pots have been rearranged and added to as of 18 December:

18DecOutsideGH 18DecPatio 18DecOutsidePots
Most of the plants in pots are lettuce, herbs, or in transition to be potted-up. Due to inadequate space on the table and the patio, two additional pallets have been set up to handle the overflow.

This past month has been all about cleaning up the past year in the garden, planning the next year and of course, starting seeds for the most productive year ever: 2013. Looking forward to a new growing year! How ’bout you? Check out other Gardens at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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2 Responses to 17 December Update

  1. kitsapfg says:

    I cannot imagine being able to grow basil and tomatoes in the winter (unless indoors and under grow lights). That must be heaven. I miss the heady scent of basil in our cooking now that ours is done for the season. I need to start some under grow lights just to have some available.

  2. leduesorelle says:

    Wonderful to see any sign of growth in December! What variety of winter tomatoes are you growing!

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