February 4 Garden Update

Reorganizing is coming together. Not much on the harvest end, but things are starting to look up. Goal for next year: no gaps in production!

The worms are very happy.. we harvested the bottom tray:

This is the bin that was harvested, later this week there will be an update on the worm bin and the harvesting process.

Out in the garden, the weather is making some plants very happy.

Tomato Bed:

On both ends are Italian Red Torpedo  sets planted out. There is also some lettuce that was inter-cropped with the tomatoes and are producing well now (especially with the lack of nutrients the tomatoes needed!). There are one or two green onions left, to be dealt with soon. Planted one square of radishes and one of carrots. These should be able to grow now and be pulled out when the tomatoes need the room in about a month or so.

Salad Bed:

The close end has been filled with transplants, thinking of direct sowing in the top half of the bed. This will likely be the last sowing of lettuce until the fall.

Plant Table:

The Garlic is starting to sprout up! The Salad in containers is working out well. I think if you pick the plants often three to a one-gallon container works well, two or one to a pot for bigger plants or if you let them grow bigger (they say patience is a virtue).

Outside Pots:

We are trying out some new pots. Little plastic bags with holes in them. They are being used for garlic, two per container. Let you know how they work out soon enough.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

These babies are thriving in this weather. Looks like we may be doing the first tomatoes of the year in containers in the Greenhouse. Time to pot them up and let them go at it.

Greenhouse Bed:

Finally! It feels good to get this bed planted! The center hold one of each of the new Pepper plants we are trying out this year, the sides are Garlic, Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Green Onion and Italian Red Torpedo from a set.

New Seedlings:

A little behind on the succession sowing, still working on the perfect mixture (this one had weed seeds in it, see the container on the left? I picked those out). Since we have been frugal, and most of the seed trays are in use, saved up toiled paper rolls are being used (tested actually since we have not done this technique ourselves yet) to sprout seedlings. Grodan (rockwool) is being used for some smaller seeds (and because it’s weed-seed-free).

For more gardens, check out Daphne’s Dandelions!

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2 Responses to February 4 Garden Update

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Lots of plants going in all your containers and beds. We are well underway here with the seedling production process and it feels good to have lots of things growing again. Soon it will be time to start the earliest items in the garden beds and then everything get’s crazy with the big spring planting up process. It’s all good though. 😀

  2. maryhysong says:

    It is so hard to keep up and not have any gaps! Something I am working at this year as well.

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