February Week 3

One of the hardest parts of growing from seed is planning. Seed starting takes time and each seed has different preferences. Add to this a limited number of seed starting trays and if you did not plan accordingly, you will have half the seeds out of the tray within two weeks of sowing while the rest take a month or more to transplant. So planning, inventory, and cleaning up has taken up a large amount of time. This spring is going to bring a lot of changes to our little garden.

The harvest has continued to be small:

Old picking habits: take a few leaves off of every plant.
New picking habits: Only pick from larger, bushier plants.

In the garden we have a couple fun things coming up right now.

The Tomato Bed:

TomatoeBedFeb17 IMG_3908
There are two squares (one radish, one carrot) on the left side, garlic will be planted where the green onions were planted last year, Tomatoes in the middle. On the right are two rows (bamboo stakes make great temporary markers until plants are established and visible). The inner row is radish, the outer row is carrot. By the time the radish is ready, the time will be perfect for tomato transplants.

Salad Bed:

Feb17Herbs Feb17SFGHerbs
The transplants are starting to establish themselves, no shock to the new environment or to the cold. The other side of the bed was gridded off and seeded with lettuce, radish and carrot seeds. I love radish — they sprout so quickly!

On the bug side, we got some ‘Friends’:

All of the chives have what appear to be Black Aphids. Ew!
AphidChives IMG_3928
The plants which were divided a few months ago have not reestablished their vigor yet. They are also plagued by these monsters who have jumped onto some of the Garlic and Italian Red Torpedo in nearby pots. In reaction to these buggers (and the occasional red spider mite flare up) we did a foliar spray for most of the plants in the affected vicinity that consisted of water, Volcano and Mantis. This was done after manually wiping off chives and affected plants, which squished quite a few of the visible pests.

The seedling department is starting to get exciting:


Feb8TPSeedlings Feb17Seedlings
The Toilet Paper seedlings were sown sometime between the last week of January and the first week of February. The reclaimed seed tray was prepared sometime during the first or second week of February.

Since the weather has been indicative of an Indian summer, it makes sense we have these wonderful blooms:

Strawberry blooms in February!

Coming Soon: Green Onion Pots.
Until then, check out more gardens at Daphne’s Dandelions!

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