Green Onion Pots in 4 Easy Steps

We love Green Onions. A lot. In response to this love, we use them planted between other plants to ward off insects. Since we have expanded our selection of green onion seeds in the last few months, we need more places to put them. Here is the Green Onion Pot in 4 Steps:

1.) Fill a 4″ pot with soil, scatter seeds and cover. Water.

2.) Wait for seeds to grow until they are large enough to be handled.

3.) Fill a 1-2 gallon pot with soil. Seperate and insert transplants into pot. Water.


4.) Harvest!

You can snip off the plant at dirt level and it will regrow itself. The younger the plant is when snipped, the more delicate flavor it has. Some of our green onions are enormous and when they are cut up they bring tears and have a much sharper onion flavor. Depending on your preference you can space the plants closer together or farther apart. Once the plants become crowded they will be thinned out. This means the plants that are harvested will be removed, chopped off leaving half an inch of root, and transplanted into a new green onion pot. Which means you can’t mess up on the spacing, so feast your brown thumb on these delicacies and start your own!

GreenOnionPot GreenOnion
At this stage the green onions can be used but the flavor will develop more if left alone to grow up a bit.

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