February Week 4

No harvests for the week unless you count the occasional snip of a Green Onion. Okay, we are going to count it. Green Onion for the win!

Since this is the last week of February we are going to do a Monthly Flashback of the garden. Here Goes.

Tomato Bed (in transition):

4FebTomatoeBed TomatoeBedFeb17
4 Feb                                                 17 Feb

Feb 24
Most of the Radishes have sprouted, some of the Carrots are beginning to emerge. That lettuce has recovered nicely. Time for a salad!

Salad Bed:

4 Feb

Feb17Herbs Feb17SFGHerbs
17 Feb

SaladBedLeftFeb24 SaladBedRightFeb24
24 Feb
Most of the seeds have sprouted but are so tiny you can’t see them… yet.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

4FebGHToms GHTomsFeb17
Feb 4                                                              Feb 17

Feb 24
Potted up about half the tomatoes from 2 gallon pot to a 5 gallon pot.

Greenhouse Bed

GHBed Feb17GHBed
Feb 4                                          Feb 17

Feb 24
It doesn’t look like any of the seeds have sprouted. In another week we will either re-seed or transplant into the lonely soil.


Seedlings Feb8TPSeedlings
Feb 4                                                            Feb 17

Feb 24
These guys will be ready to be potted up in the next week or so!

Feb17Seedlings TransplantsandSeedlingsFeb24
Feb 17                                                    Feb 24
Love this view of sproutlings. You can never have enough seed starting trays going on.

That’s it for this week in the garden. If you need more garden inspiration head over to Daphne’s Dandelions.

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One Response to February Week 4

  1. Lisa says:

    Holy cats an kittens! That’s a lot of seedlings!

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