March Recap


(Clockwise) Kale, Arugula, Radish, Chard, Green Onion, Nasturtium Flowers, Moroccan Mint, Parsley, Winter Savory, Curled Leaf Parsley, Cilantro.


Tomato bed (in transition):

TomatoBedM3 TomatoBedMarch11
March 3                              March 11

March18TomatoBed March24TomatoBed
March 18                               March 24

Salad Bed:

SaladBedLM3 SaladBedRM3
March 3

SaladLeftMarch11 SaladRightMarch11
March 11

March18SaladLeft March18SaladRight
March 18

March24SaladBedLeft March24SaladbedRight
March 24

Greenhouse bed:

GHBedM3 GHLeftMarch11
March 3                                       March 11

March18GHBed March24GreenhouseBed
March 18                                    March 24

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

GHRM3 GHRightMarch11
March 3                                    March 11

March18GHToms March24GreenHouseToms
March 18                                  March 24


Check out this surprise guest!
March20HiddenRadish March20Radish

March24CactusBabys March24CactusTransplants

On another note, ThisCrazyGarden has officially been online for1 year. Wow!
Look at how we have changed!


March24FrontCorner March24FrontTable

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2 Responses to March Recap

  1. I so love nasturtiums. I have planted many, many more than last year, and can hardly wait to eat them (and see them growing.) Great harvest.

  2. Karen says:

    Your harvest looks great! I can’t wait to start harvesting mine this year! TFS.

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