April Recap

Although there were almost daily harvests of leafy greens such as Kale and Chard, there are no photos to show of it. But there are weights. Last week we harvested:
Chard – 10.4 oz
Kale – 9.1 oz
Rainbow Chard – 5.4 oz
Strawberry – 1.2 oz
Tomato – .7 oz
Cilantro – .2 oz
Parsley – .1

There is a picture of the Tomato prior to being picked off:

Yellow Perfection, second Tomato of the year!

The worms have migrated up enough to remove the bottom tray and sift through it:

April22Harvest April22WormSacs
For now, we  sift the material from right to left, using chopsticks to pluck out any worms or cocoons. In the picture on the Right if you look closely you can see a number of round worm cocoons. Nifty!

Since this is the last full week of the month, here is the Progress Report for April.

Tomato Bed:

Mar31TomBed TomatoBedApril8
March 3                                        April 8
April14TomatoBed April22TomatoBed
April 14                                         April 22
The radish really took off! The lettuce in the front right has bolted as have the Radish. Seeds will be saved from the purple Radish blossoms. The Kale will be given a rest to re-establish itself in the next week.

Salad Bed:

Mar31SaladBedLeft Mar31SaladBedRight
March 31
SaladBedLeftApril8 SaladBedRightApril8
April 8
April14GrnsLeft April14GrnsRight
April 14
April 22
Look closely at the photos above. Notice how on the left side of the bed, the Cilantro then the Parsley slowly becomes discolored, drained as the month goes on. This seems to b the gopher eating at the roots of these plants as they protrude out past the chicken wire lining the bed. Unfortunately the gopher seems to have gained access to the Right side of the bed and enjoys Lettuce and the occasional Radish. So far the Winter Savory, Green Onions, Chard and Swiss Chard remain untouched.

Greenhouse Bed:

Mar31GHBed April8GHBed
March 31                                        April 8
April14GhBedAllPlanted April22GHLeft
April 14                                        April 22
The peppers are starting to form fruits,  the Marjoram is growing nicely and the Basil recently planted is starting to take off. One of the Genovese Basil plants was flowering so it was cut back to retain a leafy and bushy stature. One thing that resulted from the fresh bouquet – I realized how much I missed the intoxicating scent of fresh Basil!

This upcoming week is sure to be filled with more gopher stories, transplanting Summer starts and harvesting a wider variety as the heat comes in! Check out Daphne’s Dandelions to see how others are gardening around the world.

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1 Response to April Recap

  1. Lea says:

    I love this time of year when I can go out and pick lettuce leaves for our salads. We are trying to eat it fast before it bolts!
    Have a great day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

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