Early May

Lots of new colors coming in since the last post! Also! A new Garden Plan is also taking shape due to The Gopher. Which means there will be lots of dissemination of the current garden as you know it in the next month and it will be rebuilt anew, this time gopher-proof.

Treats from the Garden:
Besides the daily consumption of Kale and Chard in fruit smoothies, there are some new additions ready to eat!

May1PurpleBeautyPlant May1PurpleBeautyTomato
May 1 – The first Pepper! Purple Beauty Peppers came from two plants, and as you can see there are Blondkopfchen Tomatoes ripening up! We have been debating on growing methods for the La Ratte Fingerling seed Potatoes  and while in storage, they sprouted. These are being placed in bright light for a few days before being planted in 5-gallon buckets.

May4RedTorpedoInGround May4RedTorpedoUnearthed
May 4 – These Red Torpedo Onions seemed to be bulging below the surface in the Tomato Bed. Not wanting to wait for the tops to die off to harvest, two were sacrificed and dug up. The tops were used like green onion and had a very nice, delicate onion flavor. They started off as sets, and were planted out the first week of February after the Tomatoes were taken out of the bed.

May 6 – Salad Greens consisting of the Lettuce not yet eaten by the Gopher, Arugula, Green Onion, Curled Leaf Parsley, and Dill

May 6 – Going Clockwise, starting at the top in the White Colander: Calendula Flowers, Greek Oregeno and Summer Savory. Genovese Basil, Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil and Chamomile. Sweet Marjoram. Most of these will be dried and stored, the Basil will likely go into making a Pesto to freeze in cubes to start squirreling away for the upcoming year.

Here is a critter found while cutting back the Sweet Marjoram:

No idea what it is yet, some sort of moth, it’s got a huge body that you can’t see, and seems harmless enough at the moment. If research pans out there will be another post later this week delighting you with the different pests from our garden.

Join Daphne’s Dandelions for more Garden Harvests from around the world!

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2 Responses to Early May

  1. Sam says:

    You got an early start on your tomatoes and peppers! How great that you’re already harvesting and storing up for the winter! The moth looks like a Sphynx moth- they are impressive!

  2. Karen says:

    And sphinx moths’ babies are tomato hornworms!

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