May Recap

This has been a busy month all around, and since there are only a few days left, it’s time to do the monthly recap.

Here are some harvests:

May22Harvest Harvest May19
May 22                                                                    May 28
Left: Shallot in front, with Rainbow Chard, Chard, and Kale.
Right: Kale, Chard, Rainbow Chard, Purple Beauty Pepper and Assorted Yellow Tomatoes

Weekly postings may not have been in order this month, but we have continued to weigh out just about everything that has been consumed.

May Top 7 Producers:
Chard – 51.6 oz
Red Torpedo Shallot – 51.3 oz
Kale – 38.8 oz
Tomatoes, Assorted – 30.3 oz
Rainbow Chard – 28.9 oz
Blondkopfchen Tomato – 20.4 oz
Purple Beauty – 16 oz

Month to Date Total:  264.6 oz (16.5 lb)
Year to Date Total: 513.6 oz (32.1 lb)

Now on to the progression photos for the month. The No-longer-gopher-proof-beds have been dwindling down, though the Kale seems to be the most prolific.

Tomato Bed:

May6TomatoBed May14KaleandOnion
May 6                                           May 14

May19TomatoBed May28TomatoBed
May 19                                          May 28

On the 21st the Shallot was harvested, leaving this bed with Kale and a few straggling Carrots.

The Salad Bed has been limping along despite gopher related incidents:

May6SaladBedLeft May6SaladBedRight
May 6

May14GreensLeft May14GreensRight
May 14

May19GreensLeft May19GreensRight
May 19

May28GreensLeft May28GreensRight
May 28
Notice how the gopher has eaten up all of the Rainbow Chard in the back behind the Chard.

Greenhouse Bed:

May6GHBed May14GHBed
May 6                                              May 14

May19GHBed May28GHBed
May 19                                              May 28

Here is the first White Lakes to ripen up!

Greenhouse Right:

May6GHRight May14GHRight
May 6                                            May 14

May19GHRight May28GHRight
May 19                                        May 28

According to the Original plan, many of these Tomato plants were destined for the outside Tomato bed. Since the Tomato bed is not safe from gophers, they are stuck in containers. Many have a grip of Spider Mites on them. Current treatment is hosing off the entire plant twice daily (although in reality it really only gets done once daily at best). Glad t0o see a couple of big ones hanging in there despite the lack of root space and the insects!


To start to show you the shape of things to come, check out what we fondly refer to as the “Pallet Garden:”

May19PalletGarden  May28PalletBed
May 19                                                                      May 28

Don’t let the simplicity fool you! There are lots of variations to be had, using a pallet as a base. For one, it prevents the containers from being pushed around and left at odd angles when a gopher mound is formed.

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