March Week 3

The past week has been full of moving plants into larger containers, moving stuff around and making sure the lettuce doesn’t get too hot — we are in the 80’s this week folks! We managed a small harvest of greens:

Salad from assorted lettuce, Green Onion, Cilantro, Moroccan Mint, Curled Leaf Parsley, Dill and Radish (I wanted to see how big they were).

In the garden these seedlings were finally given more room to grow:

UpPotting FinishedPottingUp
The Grodan cubes were started Jan 25, the Toilet Paper rolls were started Jan 26

Look at the roots of this German Chamomile!

Here are some Pests that have become attached to one of the Potted Calendula plants:

BugsProfile BugsLight
They seem to like the stalks that have dead flower heads the best. Are they trying to tell me I need to deadhead my beauties? Do you know what they are?

Thanks for joining us this week! Go to Daphne’s Dandelions to see other Harvests, Gardens and Plants!

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March Week 2

The harvest this week went into a salad for four and a finishing salt.

Mixed Salad, Green Onion, Cilantro, Curled Leaf Parsley, Nasturtium, Dill, Rosemary, Thyme and a sprig or two of Sage. My favorite part was the flowers.

Out in the garden we got some progress and some surprises.

Sometime in December, in what was the Malabar Red Spinach Bed, Mixed Salad Greens were sown. Nothing happened. Three and a half months later we have:

VolunteerMSGMarch11 VolunteerMSGPulledOut
Ignore the weeds growing outside the bed like crazy (notice the relative lack of weeds growing inside the bed though), that’s Arugula and other salad greens finally sprouting up! They were dug up and transplanted into pots. You can never have too much salad.

The compost was turned over into the empty bin:

New material will go into the empty bin and the now-full bin will sit around for a bit before finishing off. I can’t wait. Really.

The Highlight of the week however was this beauty:


If you can’t spot the golden goodness, here’s a closeup:
TOMATO! First of the Year! In March! (Better than last year… can we do better next year?). Couldn’t tell you exactly how it tasted since it was tossed in the salad. But the salad was delicious.

Looking forward to a busy week in the garden here, to see how other people are getting along in March around the world, check out Daphne’s Dandelions!

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March Week 1

March is here! The weather screams late Spring but cold fronts are still around the corner.

Our harvest for the week has consisted of a side salad for 4, greens for a sandwich and of course green onion.

In the garden, we got some interesting guests:

This stalk was cut off and put in the diseased yard waste bucket. The pot was isolated and does not appear to further affected by the pests.

Some of the Toilet Paper Seedlings have spread roots:

CilantroMarch3 MammothDillMarch3
Since these were planted around the beginning of February, now is a good time to go through and see which seeds did not germinate  and remove them, leaving the rest to grow strong enough to be potted up and become healthy, happy plants.

That’s it for this week. Check out Daphne’s Dandelions for more garden goods.

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February Week 4

No harvests for the week unless you count the occasional snip of a Green Onion. Okay, we are going to count it. Green Onion for the win!

Since this is the last week of February we are going to do a Monthly Flashback of the garden. Here Goes.

Tomato Bed (in transition):

4FebTomatoeBed TomatoeBedFeb17
4 Feb                                                 17 Feb

Feb 24
Most of the Radishes have sprouted, some of the Carrots are beginning to emerge. That lettuce has recovered nicely. Time for a salad!

Salad Bed:

4 Feb

Feb17Herbs Feb17SFGHerbs
17 Feb

SaladBedLeftFeb24 SaladBedRightFeb24
24 Feb
Most of the seeds have sprouted but are so tiny you can’t see them… yet.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

4FebGHToms GHTomsFeb17
Feb 4                                                              Feb 17

Feb 24
Potted up about half the tomatoes from 2 gallon pot to a 5 gallon pot.

Greenhouse Bed

GHBed Feb17GHBed
Feb 4                                          Feb 17

Feb 24
It doesn’t look like any of the seeds have sprouted. In another week we will either re-seed or transplant into the lonely soil.


Seedlings Feb8TPSeedlings
Feb 4                                                            Feb 17

Feb 24
These guys will be ready to be potted up in the next week or so!

Feb17Seedlings TransplantsandSeedlingsFeb24
Feb 17                                                    Feb 24
Love this view of sproutlings. You can never have enough seed starting trays going on.

That’s it for this week in the garden. If you need more garden inspiration head over to Daphne’s Dandelions.

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Green Onion Pots in 4 Easy Steps

We love Green Onions. A lot. In response to this love, we use them planted between other plants to ward off insects. Since we have expanded our selection of green onion seeds in the last few months, we need more places to put them. Here is the Green Onion Pot in 4 Steps:

1.) Fill a 4″ pot with soil, scatter seeds and cover. Water.

2.) Wait for seeds to grow until they are large enough to be handled.

3.) Fill a 1-2 gallon pot with soil. Seperate and insert transplants into pot. Water.


4.) Harvest!

You can snip off the plant at dirt level and it will regrow itself. The younger the plant is when snipped, the more delicate flavor it has. Some of our green onions are enormous and when they are cut up they bring tears and have a much sharper onion flavor. Depending on your preference you can space the plants closer together or farther apart. Once the plants become crowded they will be thinned out. This means the plants that are harvested will be removed, chopped off leaving half an inch of root, and transplanted into a new green onion pot. Which means you can’t mess up on the spacing, so feast your brown thumb on these delicacies and start your own!

GreenOnionPot GreenOnion
At this stage the green onions can be used but the flavor will develop more if left alone to grow up a bit.

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February Week 3

One of the hardest parts of growing from seed is planning. Seed starting takes time and each seed has different preferences. Add to this a limited number of seed starting trays and if you did not plan accordingly, you will have half the seeds out of the tray within two weeks of sowing while the rest take a month or more to transplant. So planning, inventory, and cleaning up has taken up a large amount of time. This spring is going to bring a lot of changes to our little garden.

The harvest has continued to be small:

Old picking habits: take a few leaves off of every plant.
New picking habits: Only pick from larger, bushier plants.

In the garden we have a couple fun things coming up right now.

The Tomato Bed:

TomatoeBedFeb17 IMG_3908
There are two squares (one radish, one carrot) on the left side, garlic will be planted where the green onions were planted last year, Tomatoes in the middle. On the right are two rows (bamboo stakes make great temporary markers until plants are established and visible). The inner row is radish, the outer row is carrot. By the time the radish is ready, the time will be perfect for tomato transplants.

Salad Bed:

Feb17Herbs Feb17SFGHerbs
The transplants are starting to establish themselves, no shock to the new environment or to the cold. The other side of the bed was gridded off and seeded with lettuce, radish and carrot seeds. I love radish — they sprout so quickly!

On the bug side, we got some ‘Friends’:

All of the chives have what appear to be Black Aphids. Ew!
AphidChives IMG_3928
The plants which were divided a few months ago have not reestablished their vigor yet. They are also plagued by these monsters who have jumped onto some of the Garlic and Italian Red Torpedo in nearby pots. In reaction to these buggers (and the occasional red spider mite flare up) we did a foliar spray for most of the plants in the affected vicinity that consisted of water, Volcano and Mantis. This was done after manually wiping off chives and affected plants, which squished quite a few of the visible pests.

The seedling department is starting to get exciting:


Feb8TPSeedlings Feb17Seedlings
The Toilet Paper seedlings were sown sometime between the last week of January and the first week of February. The reclaimed seed tray was prepared sometime during the first or second week of February.

Since the weather has been indicative of an Indian summer, it makes sense we have these wonderful blooms:

Strawberry blooms in February!

Coming Soon: Green Onion Pots.
Until then, check out more gardens at Daphne’s Dandelions!

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February 4 Garden Update

Reorganizing is coming together. Not much on the harvest end, but things are starting to look up. Goal for next year: no gaps in production!

The worms are very happy.. we harvested the bottom tray:

This is the bin that was harvested, later this week there will be an update on the worm bin and the harvesting process.

Out in the garden, the weather is making some plants very happy.

Tomato Bed:

On both ends are Italian Red Torpedo  sets planted out. There is also some lettuce that was inter-cropped with the tomatoes and are producing well now (especially with the lack of nutrients the tomatoes needed!). There are one or two green onions left, to be dealt with soon. Planted one square of radishes and one of carrots. These should be able to grow now and be pulled out when the tomatoes need the room in about a month or so.

Salad Bed:

The close end has been filled with transplants, thinking of direct sowing in the top half of the bed. This will likely be the last sowing of lettuce until the fall.

Plant Table:

The Garlic is starting to sprout up! The Salad in containers is working out well. I think if you pick the plants often three to a one-gallon container works well, two or one to a pot for bigger plants or if you let them grow bigger (they say patience is a virtue).

Outside Pots:

We are trying out some new pots. Little plastic bags with holes in them. They are being used for garlic, two per container. Let you know how they work out soon enough.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:

These babies are thriving in this weather. Looks like we may be doing the first tomatoes of the year in containers in the Greenhouse. Time to pot them up and let them go at it.

Greenhouse Bed:

Finally! It feels good to get this bed planted! The center hold one of each of the new Pepper plants we are trying out this year, the sides are Garlic, Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Green Onion and Italian Red Torpedo from a set.

New Seedlings:

A little behind on the succession sowing, still working on the perfect mixture (this one had weed seeds in it, see the container on the left? I picked those out). Since we have been frugal, and most of the seed trays are in use, saved up toiled paper rolls are being used (tested actually since we have not done this technique ourselves yet) to sprout seedlings. Grodan (rockwool) is being used for some smaller seeds (and because it’s weed-seed-free).

For more gardens, check out Daphne’s Dandelions!

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